A new era in healthcare: Putting patients first in hospitals

Healthcare is a field that is constantly evolving, and it recently underwent a big transition. A strategy that puts patients first has gained popularity in place of a focus on medical professionals. This transition is being driven by patient-centred care, which is founded on the idea that each person should receive healthcare that is specifically suited to meet their own physical, emotional, and social requirements. Unlike the conventional model where healthcare decisions rested largely on medical experts, patient-centred care champions teamwork, shared decision-making, and the active engagement of patients.

Key Elements of Patient-Centred Care:

Collaborative Decision-Making: Hospitals have abandoned a top-down approach in favour of a collaborative one. Medical practitioners now value patients’ perspectives and include them in treatment decisions, seeing them as participants in their healthcare journey.

Personalized Treatment Strategies: Recognizing the individuality of each patient, hospitals now create personalized treatment plans that consider not only medical aspects but also personal preferences, lifestyle, and cultural background. This tailored approach leads to treatments that are more effective and relevant.

Transparent Communication: Effective communication is of utmost importance in patient-centred care. Hospitals prioritize clear and open conversations between patients and healthcare teams, ensuring patients fully understand their conditions, treatment options, and potential outcomes.

Addressing Overall Well-Being: Patient-centred care goes beyond medical procedures. Hospitals adopt a comprehensive approach, addressing patients’ physical, emotional, and psychological aspects. By incorporating complementary therapies, mental health support, and wellness programs, they contribute to holistic healing.

Compassionate Assistance: Hospitals now offer emotional support to patients in recognition of the emotional difficulties that frequently go along with medical illnesses. This kind of compassionate treatment fosters trust, reduces anxiety, and improves the general health of the patient.


Patient -centred care is about treating a person receiving healthcare with dignity and respect and involving them in all decisions about their health. It is linked to a person’s healthcare rights.

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